4 Christopher „illumed1“ B.

ger Deutschland

Christopher „illumed1“ B. is a former Counterstrike 1.6 Player (2003-2010), known for his huge game experience and calm behavior.
In 2001 he joined the organisation pro-Gaming which integrated the german counterstrike clan TAMM a couple weeks later.
illumed1 played on couple lan events (for example Northcon, Summit, Slaughterhouse and so on…) and gained a lot of experience on offline events.
In 2010 illumed1 played the 1.6 EPS Relegation at the CEBIT event in Hannover but could not consist. 2010 was the end of his Counterstrike 1.6 career.
In 2016 he started playing CS:GO again and even with his age of 31 he has big impact and is a great teammate.